Tuvia Academy

Tuvia Academy has implemented a selection, training and integration plan entirely organised internally, with the participation of all the company’s staff and management, combining academic training with on-the-field experience, in Italy and abroad, with the aim of training future Managing Directors for the Group’s branches.

Tuvia Academy is “Vision”, “Strategy” and “Values” at the same time.

“Vision” means believing that it is possible to create an ecosystem of ideas, innovation and skills development, starting from the young talents coming from the best Italian and international universities. It also means believing that it is possible to transfor a sector deeply rooted in tradition into a subject matter, object of analysis and continuous improvement, both in class and then in the field.

“Strategy” means providing in-house training to future managers, in order to keep up with market evolutions.

“Values” are Tuvia Italia’s heritage, to be spread at every level of the organisation, starting from those who will lead the company in the future. A school of life and work created exclusively with internal resources. For Tuvia and the young people who were part of it, a chance to face present and future challenges with the right knowledge and background.