Quality, Health, Safety and Environment


Tuvia Italia is aware that safety and quality are critical factors for ensuring the success of the Group in an increasingly competitive and selective market. For this reason, Tuvia Italia has chosen an integrated approach to the management of Quality,

Health and Safety in the workplace, in full respect for the Environment (Q-HSE), through the implementation of a specific organisational method, dedicated procedures, and shared work instructions.


Tuvia Italia’s commitment consists in taking all the necessary reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of its own employees and collaborators in the workplace, and providing a work environment that is safe and reliable.

Our system for “the assessment of risk in work activities” includes procedures and concrete actions aimed at:

  • Identifying situations of danger and potentially hazardous conditions;
  • Evaluating the probability of risk and the consequences for employees, the equipment and/or the environment;
  • Implementing measures aimed at eliminating or minimising risks.

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Tuvia Italia always develops and provides services in full compliance to the applicable legislation, and is aware that the “Quality Management System” has a strategic value in order to:

  • Constantly improve the level of service provided and meet the client’s expectations, by adapting to the ever-changing needs of the market;
  • Ensuring the best use of Human Resources through the empowerment of individuals, the development of company organisation and the continuous improvement of internal communication systems and communications with the client, with the aim of ensuring increased transparency and higher competitive standards;
  • Performing a selection of suppliers by choosing only those that meet the company’s requirements, and also maintaining constant relations and exchanging information with them with the aim of mutually improving our respective performances.

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