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Stop Work Policy

Tuvia Italia Spa is constantly committed to promoting and consolidating the culture of health and safety of all people involved in its activities anywhere in the world, increasing awareness of risks and promoting responsible behavior in order to ensure that work is carried out in quality and without accidents because every person who works with us represents the most precious asset to be protected.

Tuvia invites all its staff of all levels, levels and seniority to put the culture of health and safety first; it gives each worker the right and duty to intervene and stop any activity that they believe could seriously jeopardize their own health and safety and that of their colleagues.

The first objective is to prevent the occurrence of any type of accident, injury, professional disease, damage to material assets or the environment.

The Stop Work order must be applied in good faith. There are no excuses or mitigating circumstances for unsafe behavior.

“No blame or responsibility can be attributed to an employee who reports a risky situation or who stops activities, even if such action subsequently turns out to be unnecessary”

The Stop Work Policy established by this company promotes greater employee involvement in matters of safety in the workplace, increases worker awareness on the topic of safety, encourages collaboration between workers, promotes greater communication between work colleagues and superiors , guarantees a safe working environment.

We believe that maintaining a diligent attitude and conduct is of vital importance to make the Stop Work Policy effective and guarantee a safe working environment.

Guido Nazzari

Managing Director