E-commerce Enabler

E-Commerce Logistics comes with many challenges. Activities such as receiving orders, inventory management, and picking individual products have become more critical than ever. Retailers must find a way to standardise and synchronise business processes in order to have real-time access to, and control of, inventory movement.

Key features of Tuvia Italia’s E-Commerce Logistics services


Flexibility means the ability to manage the client’s peaks of sales (due to events, seasonal fluctuations, special promotion activities, etc.) and a diversified product range. Tuvia Italia builds an E-Commerce logistics model around its clients’ specific requirements.


To estimate E-Commerce sales potential is a challenge for most companies, especially when they are just about to start their activities – often in new markets. Thanks to the experience gained with clients of different sizes and industries, and in different development phases, Tuvia Italia implements the right model to move from a product lifecycle stage to another quickly and safely.

Process oriented

Process before technology, this is the motto of Tuvia Italia. Implementing logistical processes and ensuring information flow along the supply chain are essential elements in designing an E-Commerce logistics model.

Technology enabled

Process automation and the selection of the most adequate hardware infrastructure enables Tuvia Italia’s clients to maximise the benefit of an E-Commerce model.