Import from China of anti epidemic equipment: new Customs Decree

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Since the end of March, China Customs has been tightening the export control of anti-epidemic materials such as masks, like high inspection rate and compulsive products registration. At noon time today, a sudden Customs Decree was issued to require statutory commodity inspection of 11 kinds of epidemic prevention materials, including medical masks and etc. See attachment.

According to this Decree, the listed materials can only be exported after the completion of the customs statutory commodity inspection. This requires manufacturers to declare necessary products information to the local customs. If the customs need to check the declared goods, it may take a day or more. If not, it will pass soon. The generated pass number shall be filled in when Customs declaration at the export gateway.

If the manufacturer does not have customs registration so far, it may take another day to complete the registration first.




GACC Decree No.53 of 2020

In order to strengthen the supervision of the export quality of medical materials, the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China has decided to carry out the export commodity inspection of medical materials (see the appendix for details) under the “63079000000” and other HS codes from the date of this announcement in accordance with the law of the people’s Republic of China on the inspection of import and export commodities and its implementing regulations.


General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China


April 10, 2020



Item Commodity HS Code
1 Medical mask 6307900010
2 Medical protective clothing 6210103010
3 Infrared temperature instrument 9025199010
4 ventilator 9019200010
5 Surgical cap 6505009900
6 Medical goggles 9004909000
7 Medical gloves 3926201100
8 Medical shoe covers 6307900090
9 Patient monitor 9018193010
10 Medical disinfectant tissue 3005901000
11 Medical disinfectant 3808940010