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Integrated Report 2022

Tuvia Italia presents the first Integrated Report 2022

From today our Integrated Report relating to the year 2022 is available, which traces the ways in which Tuvia Italia operates to create value over time.

Check out our integrated report

Dear stakeholders,
We are pleased to present the new edition of our Sustainability Report, the document that summarizes the objectives, activities, impacts and results of the organization towards you.
In this second edition we described and shared the value that we were able to create in 2022 with reference to the six “capitals” (environmental, human, relational, productive, financial and intellectual) in the ESG field.
2022 was a successful year which, in addition to showing an increase in all the company’s economic and financial indicators, also saw the implementation of objectives and actions< /strong> which we described in the 2021 edition of our first sustainability report.
Also thanks to a particularly favorable international framework for the sector, conditioned by a high level of freight, the turnover of the company recorded an increase of 10%, reaching 64,640,531 euros, the EBITDA grew by 32%, reaching 2,161,198 euros and the number of active customers also grew by 17%, for a total of 1,606 companies served.
With reference to our contribution to improving environmental capital, our Albairate logistics center is today powered by a supplier that produces 100% of its energy from renewable sources strong>. All energy and water consumption of the offices (headquarters and branches) are now monitored by an independent company and an efficiency plan is being developed for the same.
Furthermore, we have significantly reduced the incidence of non-compostable packaging thanks to the inclusion of new types of packaging in our logistics center.
Not least, in 2022 we obtained the 14001 certification relating to environmental footprint management.
With regards to our social capital, from an analysis of the contacts received on our website and from social channels, a clear improvement was found in our “brand image” which took the form of an increase in requests for collaboration from both new customers and candidates willing to be part of the organization.
In terms of caring for and improving the well-being of our Collaborators, the transfer operations to the new headquarters in Milan (larger, more functional and brighter) were completed and the renovation of the Albairate offices began: break area and common green spaces
As part of the improvement of customer services, 2022 saw the commissioning of the new TMS (Transport Management System) and the update of the WMS ( Warehouse Management System); it is thus possible for our customers to have access to advanced monitoring tools (Real Time).
With reference to the calculation of our carbon footprint (scope 1 and 2), again in 2022, the strategic integration procedures with the parent company in Hong Kong were implemented and implemented which provide for the exchange of a monthly report relating to our consumption, with the consequent return of carbon footprint calculations in line with the parameters established by the group.
All this certifies our commitment to achieving the group target at a global level: KLN is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions from its operations and value chain by 2050 .
The actions we took in 2022 were a concrete step in the path towards full environmental, economic and social sustainability of Tuvia Italia SpA and we can assure, with enthusiasm and conviction, that we will continue with our investments until achievement of the medium-term objectivesthat we have set for ourselves.

Guido Nazzari and Stefano Poliani