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Integrated report 2021

Tuvia Italia presents the first Integrated Report 2021

Dear stakeholders, it is with immense pleasure that we present to you our first Integrated Report, a moment of synthesis and maturation of a path that started a long time ago and which has accompanied us in the last years of corporate life.
This year we have redefined our vision: the strength of a large international group with the care and attention of a craftsman.
Here we refer to the two peculiarities that distinguish us: being part of Kerry Logistics, a world level logistics operator, technologically among the most advanced and at the same time continuing to operate with the attention to detail, passion and flexibility that we put at the service of our customers. In a nutshell: our individual “commitment”.
With reference to our collaborators, we are convinced that the company, beyond the economic-financial results, must pay attention to the well-being and growth of the people who compose it; a company is made up of people, the people are the company.
The prosperity of one and the other is interdependent. In addition to the well-being of our people, we have a responsibility to the communities in which we operate; Taking care of social issues is a duty which we fulfill with pleasure.
Last but not least, we must turn our attention to environmental protection. The Earth is not only our common home but also that of the next generations; everyone, within their possibilities, must make their own contribution.
Our sustainability reporting, therefore, is not satisfied with complying with legal obligations but, on the contrary, aims to be a real driver of change.

Telling the numbers of a world, one’s own world, is no longer enough today. We must, also and above all, give a horizon to the numbers, and this report intends to do so by inscribing results, commitments, objectives and vision of the company within a medium-term vision.
These are beliefs that have always belonged to us and which have matured in the adoption of the Integrated Report methodology. Every year we will measure, through the reporting of indicators associated with the six ESG capitals (environmental, human, relational, productive, financial and intellectual), the shared value that we will have been able to to create through our strategic plan.

Guido Nazzari and Stefano Poliani