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Tuvia Logistics – advanced solutions for retailing and e-commerce

With more than 15,000 sq. available of warehousing and advanced solutions for packaging, labelling, reverse logistics management, Tuvia is the ideal partner for companies that want to develop their e-commerce channel and/or became more efficient in delivering their products.

Our solutions are shaped for operational excellence, thanks to strong investments in technology in order to maximize the benefits for the end customer: reducing logistic costs, improve efficiency, improve success rate and delivery times, control the environmental impact of the whole logistic process and increase security.

The service is flexible, highly customizable on Clients needs and with very competitive rates. Contact us to request a quote or a presentation of the service!

Services offered:
» Storage » Consumer and Industrial Packaging » Relabelling » End-To-End Logistic » Spare parts and obsolete material management » Shooting and special packaging

Features of our warehouses:
» More than 15,500 square meters of space available » High secuirty warehouses » Dedicated area to e-commerce » Dedicated area to food and beverage products

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